Ukrainian Battalion Commander Who Told The Washington Post That All Of His 500 Men Have Been Either Killed Or Injured Since The Start Of The War Has Been Demoted

A battalion commander in the 46th Air Assault Brigade, who goes by the call sign Kupol, in an undisclosed location in eastern Ukraine on March 4. © Alice Martins for The Washington Post

Ukrayinska Pravda: Battalion commander of 46th brigade demoted after interview to Washington Post, hands in resignation 

Anatolii “Kupol” Kozel, was demoted from the post of combat battalion commander of the 46th Airmobile Brigade to deputy commander of the training centre battalion after a controversial interview with The Washington Post.

Details: As sources of UP noted, the decision to demote Kupol was made by the commander of the Ukrainian Air Assault Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Major General Maksym Myrhorodskyi. 

In response to such a move, Kupol wrote a resignation letter. 

Ukrainska Pravda also asked for a comment from the press service of the Ukrainian Air Assault Forces. 

Commander Kupol was one of the interviewees of The Washington Post, and the conversation resulted in the outlet writing that the Defence Forces of Ukraine lost many of the most experienced fighters on the battlefield, and the inexperience of recruits, coupled with the lack of weapons, allegedly reduces optimism and calls into question Kyiv’s readiness for the spring offensive.




WNU Editor: The Washington Post article that got former Commander Kupol demoted is here …. Ukrainian Commander Tells The Washington Post That All 500 Soldiers In His Battalion Were Either Killed Or Wounded (March 16, 2023). 

The thing is that everyone I know in Ukraine knows how terrible the war situation is right now. What Commander Kupos was making public is something that everyone knows privately.

More reactions to the demotion of Commander Kupol (see below).

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