The thrill of victory pulsated through the veins of seven remarkable individuals; their triumphs in the CAMON Short Film Challenge are a testament to creativity’s enduring power. In its exhilarating third year, the CAMON Short Film Challenge, sponsored by TECNO, continues to be a beacon of opportunity for emerging filmmakers.

TECNO’s unwavering commitment to nurturing young talent shines through this platform, equipping them with CAMON devices, the maestro’s choice for storytelling. With bespoke cameras capable of capturing nuances, these devices are the lifeblood of their cinematic journeys. nullnull

The CAMON 20 series launch marked the beginning of an artistic odyssey, opening doors to aspiring filmmakers. Thousands of entries flooded social media, filled with promise. After meticulous evaluation, the top 20 contestants received CAMON 20 Premier devices, their tools for crafting mesmerising short films.

The panel of judges, led by movie director extraordinaire Kayode Kasum, faced a formidable task, evaluating submissions across seven fiercely contested categories. Their discernment led to breathtaking judgments that left us in awe.


Chika Agwuike’s victory, both in the voting category and as the overall winner, was nothing short of spectacular. His prize of One Million Naira was well-deserved, celebrating his exceptional talent.


Razaq Ibrahim, a double winner, claimed the Best Art Design and Best Light Designer awards, earning him a combined reward of N500,000. Greygon Etobor’s Best Picture Editor accolade, Peter Inyang’s Best Cinematography, and Korede Soyinka’s Best Storyline were all brilliantly celebrated, each walking away with N300,000.

Allison Emmanuel’s film, “Something Happened in 2011,” earned him N500,000 for the Best Use of CAMON 20 Premier, showcasing the device’s capabilities.




These winners have left an indelible mark in the world of short films, their talent and dedication are undeniable. To experience their cinematic marvels, you can watch the short films here.

With TECNO, there will always be more, as the mantra says. They stop at nothing to bring the best for their customers. As always, there will be more, as the best is yet to come. To enjoy, follow TECNO on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Source : https://www.akinblog.com/2023/09/tecno-rewards-creative-royalty-as-winners-of-camon-short-film-challenge-emerge/

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