Russian Foreign Ministry Pondering Cutting Diplomatic Ties With The UK

Russian Embassy in London/Shutterstock


RT: Russia could cut diplomatic ties with UK – Foreign Ministry to RT


British involvement in Ukrainian terrorist attacks inside Russia can’t be ruled out in overall relations  

The severing of diplomatic ties with the UK would be an “extreme measure,” but Moscow could end up taking the step considering London’s significant involvement in the Ukraine conflict, the Russian Foreign Ministry has warned.




Update #1: Russia Could Sever Diplomatic Ties With United Kingdom: Kremlin (Zero Hedge)

Update #2: Russian Foreign Ministry Warns of Diplomatic Ties Severance with UK over Ukraine Involvement (MENAFN)


WNU Editor: I do not see Russia cutting diplomatic ties with the U.K. at this moment in time. The Russian expat community is huge in the U.K., and for that reason alone is why Russia will keep its embassy open. But if the war continues to escalate, and the UK decides to escalate their involvement in the war even more, then all bets are off.

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