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Pepsi Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show



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    Adam Levine and Maroon 5 perform at the Pepsi Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show featuring Travis Scott and Big Boi. The New England Patriots battle the Los Angeles Rams during Super Bowl LIII.
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    1. RayRomanosNose

      I'll be salty about this as long as I want lol, another reason why the NFL is trash 🖕

    2. McKenan Bundy

      Did they improve his voice for the ES-news video? It for sure did not sound this good on actual game night and this isn’t even good

    3. maldives lo

      Worst halftime show EVER

    4. Aloooxis

      here after J. Cole killed the All-Star halftime show

    5. jurassicpunch

      travis who? we want spongebob superbowl for next year

    6. Griffin Abdo

      best part of the show 3:39

    7. Mr_OOFing tonthe3 ban them >:]

    8. random guy

      Everyone who sees this, we should migrate to NHL, they actually played sweet victory

    9. oh, okay

      My recommendation to combat the unending depression this video caused is to go watch the NHL halftime show. They knew how to do it right. (A lot of comments are saying the NFL is deleting dislikes. I don't know how that's possible. Is it, though? Like, seriously -- Can someone explain that to me because I don't think that's actually possible. I mean, you can hide the like vs. dislike bar, but you can't delete dislikes. Right?)

    10. Bruce Baker

      That was not bad. People are a bit ungrateful and distracted from music by all the visuals nowadays.

    11. bastenga 101

      Damn there are a lot of toxic kids here It can't be undone so stop hating and just accept it

    12. val f

      maroon 5 ? more like 5 morons ,band should change their name to that ,yeah 5 morons ,just fits them better .

    13. noctis20gaming Corona


    14. divashalo 24

      adam's voice has really become worse for wear, travis scott is trash, big boi was rude and clearly did not want to be there, and adam attempted to give shakira a run for her money with the howl, and lost. that about sum it up?

    15. Totally not an FBI agent -

      Quality and fan service? Nah, the kids these days, they like the Travis Scott... and the sicko mode

    16. Luis Leonardoo

      2020 Britney

    17. ItzKyuhen

      This is why I don’t like sports.

    18. Misael Salazar

      I just came here for leave my dislike and watch Adam shirtless

    19. Kamui Plays


    20. Strebicux

      2019 is off to a bad start :/

    21. osvaldo vazquez


    22. Young Colgate

      Make this more disliked than youtube rewind 2018

    23. Nitin Badey

      Big boi is an inflated Kanye

    24. Chattie

      Adam....Please stop stripping!you look like a greasy potato!

    25. Chattie

      Big boi rolls up...”Hey is that my grandma or just a furry marshmallow with a head?” Oh wait.. Nevermind

    26. YouTube’s worst nightmare Youtube

      Where the hell is sweet sweet victory

    27. Jordan Williams

      NBA > nfl

    28. FranticJinx

      Yikes 847k dislikes...

    29. Cheap Kiwis

      we left 2018 with youtube rewind, and entered 2019 with superbowl halftime

    30. Natalie Xu

      This wasn't even that bad, what's the fuss?

    31. onelove 777

      I just watched j Cole's performance,, why am I here again... Oh right to dislike it again

    32. Cheap Kiwis

      which ones more disappointing: Super bowl halftime ES-news Rewind 2018

    33. Denis Diaz

      La verdad no entiendo nada de lo que comentan aca pero por lo que he escuchado estan criticando el espectaculo de medio tiempo. No se que esperan, efectos holywoodenses o algo asi, acabo de ver el show completo y me parecio excelente, un grupo fantastico, un artista espectacular y una presentacion de 13 min que solo los profesionales pueden hacer. La verdad que eso del record de dislikes me lo paso por las bolas, cualquier guanaco puede dar manito abajo muy facilmente, pero el que ve la presentacion desde lo escenico y musical aprecia lo sustancial de la energia brindada y la voz en off inmaculada, de la que pocos artistas pueden jactarse. En conclusion, que triste vivir en esta epoca de criticas destructivas sin sentido y de mentes que esperan mucho y dan poco, y creen no llenarse con trabajos que se hacen con un nivel de detalle y dedicacion que pocos conocen. Mis respetos a maroon five, adam levine y todos los que trabajan duro para brindar un gran show, que poco se merecen los cabeza hueca a los que quieren entretener y no se satisfacen con nada.

    34. Michael Thompson

      A dislike from Michael Thompson is rarer than muaical gems like Sweet Victory...and yet...

    35. Gee Mogambi

      here after Jcole murdered the NFL Halftime show just to see the dislikes in this video

    36. OrangeCrush4Life 47

      We deserved SpongeBob

    37. Logan Alford

      Smitty werbenjagermanjensen is now going to haunt you NFL.

    38. markynio

      I see two nipples and no one is mad about them

    39. wonton332

      NBA All-Star game halftime show was 10 times better than this garbage

    40. Good O’l Spurs

      I thought when it was blocking out words my headphones were dying

    41. Goku [Saiyan from Earth]

      We see people cheering for travis scott... But we all know how disappointed they all were because sweet victory wasnt played.

    42. Noah

      *ES-news creates dislike button* *NFL Halftime Show is uploaded* *People use the dislike button to show their hate for this awful halftime show* *ES-news: oh no, they weren't supposed to do that*

    43. Gun Dam

      This show sucked ass.

    44. Lil Uzi Vert

      They couldn’t get his auto tune right

    45. MetalSandman999

      I didn't think Maroon 5's performance was that bad. The problem was: 1. They brought on Travis Scott and Big Boi in a manner that was clunky and obviously pandering. They weren't brought on because it made any sense. They were brought on because of their skin color because Maroon 5 had to do penance to the church of progressivism for performing in spite of the NFL's (relativrly moderate) national anthem policy. Had it been an intentional Maroon 5 and Outkast show, that actually might have been something. 2. The Spongebob bait and switch. Had Maroon 5 actually performed "Sweet Victory" it would have been epic. But even no Spongebob would have been better than what actually happened.

    46. Random Sonic The Master

      Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good about this year's super bowl :(

    47. msmoker37


    48. Eric Chen

      Get this man his autotune

    49. Maji

      The all star one has the best halftime show already

    50. Jason Neal

      Sweet victory more like no cares victory

    51. Nathan Nguyen

      Who’s here after J Coles Half time performance lmao

    52. Ostrich 03

      One song could've saved this whole operation

    53. dilo11 ._.

      I come back here to see how many dislikes, and how many times nfl will delete them.

    54. jim cooper

      Pass me the toilet paper

    55. R2 D2 GAMER

      U can remove dislikes?

    56. Alexander

      Wait why do people hate this?

      1. Louis Peruso

        Sponebob or no spongebob at least he had an appearance just jot wat we expected

    57. justarandomps4user


    58. Mr. Money

      You can actually hear how the stadium goes crazy when Squidward appears and then, when Travis starts singing, you can only hear the paid crowd that's in the field

    59. Mr. Money

      Welp. A shitty-ass halftime show for a shitty-ass Superbowl I guess

    60. Pari Cocolin

      i feel bad that the game was bad and I feel bad for the singers 😔 I wish it was a good game because it was the super bowl 🏟 I loved the half time show a lot tho it was on fire 🔥 literally 😂

    61. Little Pea


    62. The Messenger

      We have prophets and apostles on the earth today, the Gospel has been restored as Christ prophesied, in the latter days.

    63. Blakie 1015


    64. CrocLikesSmallThings

      I distinctly remember hearing more booing in the live version

    65. Uncle Billy’s Toy Store

      Adam Levine tries do dance with Travis Scott. It’s terrible and I’m blind now. 4:30 btw

    66. DJGaming87

      Lets be real, the only good part was that drumline. They are flippin goof

    67. Brynnakins A

      Can we get a RIP in the chat for "sweet victory"?

    68. Eykueeumudmeymye eynye

      Use me as a dislike button

    69. Elizabeth Vlogs181818

      Come on let’s get 1m or more dislikes for the not sweet victory

    70. Christopher May

      This is so bad, a millennial actually will actually comment. Can confirm.

    71. Sinister Squedward

      Travis what?

    72. Hans Halle

      Garbage music! 😳

    73. gianella rubio

      Well... I liked it

    74. Bowe Mikkelson

      Half time show should have been Chiefs vs Saints

    75. baylee dill

      *Spongebob Deserved Better*

    76. Louis Katipa

      please NFL AND COMMITEE is it possible to have a WORLD GRID IRON COMPETITION it would do a lot for the usa im invisioning USA VS IN THE FINAL

    77. Katie.L Hall

      Downer there, maybe one day they’ll really use the bubble bowl performance! (Probably one of the best Spongebob episodes ever!)

    78. Lil Strings

      R.I.P Stephen Hillenburg

    79. The Amazing Person

      3:01 I think Travis Scott needs an introduction, at least to remind us that Sweet Victory won't be playing or that the NFL sucks.

    80. Ryan Zepaj

      Let’s make this the most disliked video

    81. Anais Gouati

      WHO SENT ADAM ?!?

    82. Mikołaj Solik

      Who is Jordy?

    83. x1 daring

      Spongebob nuff said.

    84. you a silly nigga

      1951: we will have flying cars in the future 2019: pepsi super bowl halftime show with sicko mode playing

    85. Brayden

      I made an edited version of this you don't have to check it out but I would appreciate it thx

    86. EmeraldView

      NOBODY wants to see a red baseball cap, EVER again.

    87. 1_edgy Demon

      I actually unsubscribed to the nfl after this

    88. Adriana Vega

      Bring Lady Gaga back

    89. Matthew Prower

      Not enough Lil Jon 4/10

    90. Cameron Friesen

      You gotta admit he hit that note at 3:47

    91. Slavic Doggo

      No wtf weres spongebob

    92. Lego boy360 Combat


    93. Akane Toriyasu

      Can Hailee Steinfield perform?

    94. Levi Maxwell

      I haven't been this disappointed in years. How disrespectful.

    95. Wesley Holm

      I think this video just gave me cancer...

    96. TheVenomKing

      ITS LIT

    97. Ms I Love Jeffrey Dahmer

      @ 12:27, i masturbated when Adam Levine took off his shirt, he has such a well-built body!! i just wanted 2 f**k him!!

    98. Felix Hernandez

      Remember Grandayy's comment on "I love it'' by Kanye? Yea... his comment had more likes than this halftime show...

    99. _adamhero

      this is what killed steven

    100. Delaney Yeet

      If Michael Jackson was still alive....