Newport News School Was Warned 3 Times That 6-Year-Old Had a Gun, Lawyer Says

Ms Zwerner, aged 25, was shot to death in chest and bullet remains settled in her body, according to her lawyer, who said her client is starting a long journey of physical and psychological recovery.

“Three weeks ago Abby was fun young woman with a big heart and loved learning young people – she was very bright future and the career she loved,” Ms Toscano said. “Today she is between operations and physiotherapy sessions, with career in question. How could anyone find the courage to be confident face Class of pupils again?

Case – which sits on the nexus of weapons, mental health and public education in America brought out raw emotions in Newport News where parents and employees complained to the school board last a week of growing behavioral problems among students in district and of their fears over school shootings. In September 2021, two 17-year- old people were injured in shooting at Heritage High School; two months later, 17-yearthe old one was killed outside Menchville High School.

All over the country, schools have faced surge in behavioral problems and mental health challenges among children during a pandemic. Number of school shootings also was on in rise.

Case also brings out the tension over how schools can serve students with severe behavioral and emotional needs, also supporting teachers and education for all students.

family of 6-year-old said that he had an “acute disability” and that his mother or father used to go to school with him every day. A week of shooting – just after the holidays – first the time when parent was not in Class with he, family said.

student previously threatened light teacher on fire and, in one incidents, throwing furniture and other items in class, leaving the other students scared, according to The Washington Post. In a day of shooting, Ms Zwerner reported to the school that the boy had threatened to beat up another child, her lawyer said.

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