Moscow Region Governor Dismisses Drone Attack Theory in Sergiev Posad Plant Explosion

SERGIEV POSAD, Russia (TEH) – The recent explosion at the Zagorsk Optical and Mechanical Plant (ZOMZ) in Sergiev Posad, Moscow Region, has led to widespread speculation and concern. Among the theories circulating was the possibility of a drone attack on the facility. However, the governor of the Moscow region, Andrey Vorobyov, has firmly dismissed this version, according to RIA News.

“The version about the drone is not currently confirmed by operational services,” Vorobyov stated, emphasizing that the plant where the explosion occurred has no connection to optics, and has been involved in the production of pyrotechnics for an extended period.

The incident took place on Wednesday, August 9, at 10:40, within a metal hangar housing a pyrotechnics warehouse. The warehouse was rented by a private company. Among the potential causes under investigation are human error and the violation of the technological process. Telegram channels had also put forward the theory of a drone strike, which has now been refuted by the governor.

Governor Vorobyov revealed that 43 individuals were admitted to the Sergiev Posad regional hospital, with six in intensive care suffering from burns and head injuries. An additional 22 people were taken to the traumatology department, while the remaining victims sustained shrapnel injuries of moderate severity.

Local media outlet Edition Forward reported that five victims were in intensive care with 100% burns. The Telegram channel “112” cited a source claiming that the number of victims had risen to 49 people.

The administration of the Sergiev Posad urban district has since announced that the fire at the site of the explosion has been localized, and efforts are underway to clear the debris and blockages.

The incident has raised questions about safety protocols and oversight within the industry, particularly in facilities handling hazardous materials. The Moscow region authorities are expected to conduct a thorough investigation to determine the exact cause of the explosion and to implement measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

The community of Sergiev Posad and the entire Moscow region are united in grief and concern for the victims, and support is being mobilized to assist those affected by this tragic event.

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