Microsoft Says China Iinstalled Malware In US Bases In Guam

BBC: China accused of hacking key US bases on Guam 

Chinese hackers used “stealthy” malware to attack critical infrastructure on American military bases in Guam, say Microsoft and Western spy agencies. 

Experts say it’s one of the largest known cyber espionage campaigns against the US. 

A key US military outpost, Guam’s ports and air bases would be crucial to any Western response to a conflict in Asia. 

Beijing has called the Microsoft report “highly unprofessional” and “disinformation”. 

Together with the Five Eyes alliance – comprising the intelligence agencies of the US, Australia, Britain, New Zealand and Canada – Microsoft published details of the malware on Wednesday.




Update: Microsoft says China installed malware in US systems in Guam (Endgadget)


WNU Editor: Guam is not alone …. Microsoft Says CCP Hackers Compromised ‘Critical’ US Infrastructure As DHS Warns Of ‘Grave Threat’ (Zero Hedge).


Update #2: China has responded …. China DENIES hacking critical infrastructure in Guam and fires back accusing the US of ‘using cyber weapons to carry out espionage and attacks around the world’ (Daily Mail).

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