Lebanon’s Balance, Safety Critical To Iran: President

The Iranian president and Key Minister of Lebanon Najib Mikati met on Wednesday in New York.

At the assembly, Raisi emphasized that the development, safety and peace of Lebanon are extremely essential for the Islamic Republic of Iran, stressing, “Lebanon is the frontline of the resistance and a popular identify in the forefront of the resistance motion.”

He mentioned that nowadays individuals who thought they could face the Zionist Regime and its supporters with other suggests than resistance have understood their blunder and are switching their tactic.

“Lebanon, as the front of resistance, manufactured an affect around the full region and confirmed that only resistance can end the brutality and aggression of the Zionist Regime,” he extra.

Raisi more described and clarified unity and cohesion as the most vital concern for Lebanon, adding, “The development of a robust and strong federal government in Lebanon is pretty strategic and important, and in this direction, the unity of all ethnicities, religions and teams in Lebanon is pretty decisive.”

The president also claimed that right now discord is a fatal poison for the location and the resistance motion.

“Unity and coherence is the technique of the resistance movement and division is the technique of the enemy, and the Islamic Republic supports any action and procedure that is aimed at strengthening balance and security in Lebanon,” he additional.

Raisi further more pointed out that the enemy is striving to insinuate that the problem in the region is progressing in accordance to the needs of the US and the Zionist Routine, even though the normalization of relations with some governments in the location does not in any way carry safety for the Zionist Regime, and deepens the hatred of the individuals of the location to this routine.

Mikati, for his aspect, expressed his pleasure at the conference with the Iranian president and stated, “I would have preferred this meeting to be held in Tehran and I will undoubtedly satisfy with you in Tehran quickly.”

He said Lebanon has viewed nothing at all but good from Iran and has often preferred the very best relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, incorporating, “Bilateral relations with Iran are at a quite fantastic and excellent amount.”

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