Kazibwe Jamil The Unremitting Hope of Ruto’s Presidency to the EAC Area

On Tuesday 13th September, 2022 at about midday, Kenya’s new president, William Ruto was sworn in right after profitable the tense August election as nicely us winning the supreme court’s favour.

Clearly, the subject areas of evaluation on chat-demonstrates in East Africa that day and all through the entire 7 days were being fastened on the hugely contested election, the losers’ camp future transfer and what upcoming for the new president. Quite a few Ugandans, as standard, took sides – greater part on the Opposition in favour of Baba Raila Odinga though the NRM-leaning ended up in acceptance of Ruto.

Is it mainly because Ruto’s camp donned the yellow color typical of NRM? Were being they the welcoming ties with Ugandans Ruto recurrently talked of? Or it was Odinga’s many failed attempts to come to be president that will make him unappetising to NRM devotees who loathe associating with failures?

In any case, as I was glued to my Tv set screen looking at the ceremony stay, a lot crossed my thoughts.

Without the need of heaping praise on the new president, I see the new person in the large place of work confronted with the challenge of uniting the nation of Kenya whose individuals are mainly divided now after the election not forgetting the tribal politics in East Africa’s most made state.

What is essential now is Ruto’s presidency and what it suggests for Uganda, East African local community and the youth most of them hustlers like what he needs to be determined.

Many ‘hustlers’ dub this victory as triumph for them and that to them, nothing is unattainable. Ruto’s disagreeable childhood and track record is one thing to reckon on. To lots of youthful Africans, such leaders reveal a resilient spirit of ambition, trusting the method, honesty and religion.

Even so, these achievements are to be detached with fake hope if not can be interpreted if not. A hustler who offered rooster for tuition and dependable God for everything he’s meant to come to be, operates away from wrong hope orchestrated by awful leaders they deem as part styles.
Last but not least, we are on tenterhooks for a hustler president who shares the very same EAC eyesight with his neighbours the likes of veteran Yoweri Museveni (‘father of the region’ according to Ruto), Paul Kagame of Rwanda, Samiah Suruhu of Tanzania and others in the location.

With that spirit of a hustler coupled with the worry of God and patriotism, Ruto has conceived the concept of location up a large matrix East African Community venture of reworking the location spanning several years.

The whole EAC region from western DR Congo to the East African Coastline, is like a fertile grove which can bear fruits of large benefit to offer in each compact and huge portions in just the East and Central African Location and exterior world as well.
It is up to the partnering farmers (the seven EAC member states) in the realization of this noble concept, that will vigorously place the backyard to perceptible action in so as to realise a very good harvest.

It’s consequently President Ruto’s obligation jointly with leaders of the EAC member states to produce a cozy future for this region, and this is the perpetual hope we have in his new presidency.

Kazibwe Jamil
National coordinator Generation 1986*

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