Jacksonville Dollar General shooter ‘hated Black people’, police reveal – latest

Police cordon off street after shooter barricades himself inside Florida store

Two men and a woman were killed in a racially-motivated shooting in Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday.

The gunman, a white male in his twenties, “hated Black people”, Jacksonville Sheriff T.K. Waters said.

The shooting took place at a Dollar General store just blocks from the historically-Black Edward Waters University. The gunman was initially seen near the library on the campus but security guards tried to take him into custody and he escaped.

Shortly before the shooting took place, the gunman’s parents called law enforcement to say they had found a manifesto, reported WJXT. The gunman had reportedly called his parents ahead of the attack and told them to look at his computer.

Sheriff Waters described those writings as a “disgusting ideology of hate”. He also confirmed that the three victims were Black.

The shooter, who had entered the store with an assault rifle covered in swastikas, took his own life.


Jacksonville Jaguar owner speaks out in wake of shooting

Shad Khan, the owner of the football team, released a statement on Sunday morning: “The heartache I share with family and friends of the victims today is deepened knowing this tragedy in New Town will be remembered as an act of hatred against Black people of our community.”

He continued, “Some things in our lives are beyond our control, but we are able to determine how we treat, respect and love each other. Hatred cannot be a choice. No one should be victim of hatred. No one should hate.”

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Senator Tim Scott, who is running for president, said he was “devastated” by the shooting

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11.40am – The gunman, who has yet to be identified, left his parents’ house in Clay County, Florida and headed to Jacksonville

1.18pm – The shooter’s father received a text from his son, telling him to check his computer. His parents then found several “manifestoes” written by the gunman for his parents, law enforcement, and the media, which showcased the shooter’s “disgusting ideology of hate,” according to Jacksonville Sheriff TK Waters

1.53pm – His father called the Clay County Sheriff’s office, Sheriff Waters added, explaining, “By that time, [the shooter] had begun his shooting spree inside the Dollar General.”

Fatal Store Shooting Florida

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Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office posted photos of the gun used in the tragic shooting

One photo, shared on the sheriff’s office’s Facebook page, showed a close-up of the gun with at least two swastikas and illegible writing in white paint or marker on one side of the weapon.

This photo also revealed the type and brand of gun, as the weapon had “Palmetto State Armory” and “PA-15” engraved. Palmetto State Armory’s website describes PA-15 rifles as “our interpretation of the legendary AR-15 rifle that you have grown to love.”

Gun used in Florida Dollar General shooting, showing swastikas

(Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office)

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Gun control advocate speaks out

The president of Brady United Against Gun Violence, Kris Brown tweeted in the wake of the shooting:

“Really? The NRA tweeted this just hours after a gunman used his swastika-ridden AR-15 — which is the weapon of choice for America’s mass shooters — to target and kill 3 Black people at a Dollar General in Jacksonville.”

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NRA posts on X promoting AR-15 hours after Jacksonville shooting where gunman used assault rifle

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March on Washington speakers addressed hate crimes as Jacksonville shooting occurred on the 60th anniversary of the historic march

Jonathan Greenblatt, Director of the Anti-Defamation League, also spoke about the prevalence of hate and racism in his speech at the March on Washington:

In 1963, we came here to this place alongside Dr. King and so many other leaders, to demand equal rights, justice and fair treatment to all.

Now today, we’ve come here once again to demand equal rights, justice and fair treatment to all.

Because we know – that hate still exists…

And the work of fighting hate — together — continues.

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Jacksonville shooting occurred on the 60th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s March on Washington

Thousands gathered on the National Mall in Washington, DC on Saturday to celebrate the 60th anniversary of MLK Jr delivered his “I Have A Dream” speech. Speakers took the opportunity to underscore the tragic fact that hate crimes occur way too frequently—as one happened on this historic day.

Actor and activist Sacha Baron Cohen also spoke, acknowledging the “surge in hate crimes” in the age of social media usage.

“We always have a choice. Today, the choices we make are more important than ever because the forces of hate have a new weapon that was not available in 1963—social media. These social media platforms deliberately amplify content that triggers outrage and fear, including fear of ‘the other.’”

“This technology gives an advantage to the intolerant. They’ve gone from Klan rallies to chat rooms, from marches to message boards. It’s how they spread their filth, recruit new members, and plan their attacks. And we’ve all seen the deadly results. A surge in hate crimes. The murder of religious and ethnic minorities.”

Later in his speech, he linked online hate to hate crimes:

“Hate in the virtual world kills in the real world. How many more people have to die?”

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House Democrat Bill Pascrell points fingers at Republicans after assault rifle used in shooting

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House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries on the shooting

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