Iranian President: We Expect UN To Be Voice Of Nations

President Raisi is in New York to attend the UN General Assembly summit and make an address at the meeting.

He said the UN is a place which can be used to make the voice of the Iranian people heard and Iran’s foreign policy can be outlined.

The Iranian president noted that his administration uses this opportunity to make the voice of the Iranian nation heard.

He said this voice is louder than ever before, especially after last year’s great victory in the face of the “hybrid warfare of Iran’s enemies.”

He was referring to the widespread unrest and deadly riots in Iran that happened after the death of Iranian girl, Mahsa Amini in police custody. Iran says foreign ciuntries including the US were behind fanning the flames of the violent events.

Raisi added that the enemies thought that such shocks would undermine the Islamic Revolution but this was a miscalculation on part of the adversaries.

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