International support crucial as Ukraine continues counteroffensive in drawn-out war: Observers

However, the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are likely to continue to support Ukraine regardless of the US, said Prof Lucas, adding that Russia’s invasion has “revitalised the alliance”. 

“There’s (now) a sense of purpose injected into NATO … not only in terms of military support, but the economic support given in the sense of what needs to be done for a more integrated Europe. Most European countries, and the Canadians, will remain steadfast in supporting Ukraine,” he said.


Mr Barros that it is not a viable solution to expect Ukraine to give up some of its territory in peace negotiations. He pointed to Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014, saying Moscow then used the region as a staging ground to launch its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February last year.

He said permitting Russia to keep any territory will allow Moscow to recuperate and reorganise another invasion at a later date, essentially history repeating itself.

“Putin’s maximalist demands have not changed. He or one of his successors, who will still likely seek to fundamentally destroy Ukraine and bring it into the Russian fold, will continue the military campaign at a future date of Russia’s time and place of choosing,” he said.

“The best chance for any sort of long term robust lasting peace on NATO’s eastern flank is the Ukrainians removing the ability for Russia to use Ukrainian territory as a springboard to capture all of Ukraine.”

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