Inside Myanmar’s enduring resistance movement

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On February 1, 2021, the Burmese military retook electricity, brutally ending a a long time-long period of time of democracy. In the room of a several months, 1000’s of civilians were being killed and countless numbers much more thrown into prison. A shadow government was immediately shaped, but armed resistance also bought organised in a country slice off from the planet. In this exceptional report shot in the rebel maquis and underground professional-democracy resistance circles, FRANCE 24 delivers you an inside look at Myanmar’s civil war. Exiled dissidents, rebel armed forces leaders and deserters from the Burmese military discuss out and denounce in specific the escalating and decisive Russian guidance for the junta.

Report by Cyril Payen, with Orane Charrier, Venture Dawna, Fabrice Birault and Get Myat Nyein.

Resource : set-reveals/reporters/20220923-inside-myanmar-s-enduring-resistance-motion

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