German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck Admits Major Intelligence Failures On The Ukraine Conflict

German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck


Global Village: Berlin admits intelligence failure on Ukraine conflict


German spies failed to predict both the start of Russia’s campaign and its development, Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck has said. 

Unlike other Western security services, the German Foreign Intelligence Service (BND) has repeatedly seriously misjudged the developments in Russia’s conflict with Ukraine, Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck told journalist Stephan Lamby in an interview published on Thursday. 

German spies first failed to correctly assess the risks of a direct military confrontation breaking out between the two neighbors shortly before the start of the Russian operation in February 2022, Habeck said. US and British intelligence services had already been warning “very strongly” about the threat of a potential conflict at that time, he added.




Update: German Vice Chancellor criticises German intelligence for incorrect predictions on war in Ukraine (Ukrainska Pravda)


WNU Editor: German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck’s admission of intelligence failures sounds hallow to me. Before the Russian invasion many voiced their worries and fears on what was going to happen. And when the war broke out, many predicted the consequences.

So why this remark from the German Vice Chancellor? 

I personally think many in Germany’s intelligence community did predict accurately the war and its aftermath, but their political masters, German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck included, choose to ignore them.

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