Daily Mail readers on the depletion of British arsenals

Visitors to the website of Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper commented on local military expert Howard Wheeldon’s confession that UK arsenals showed the merits in active aid to Ukraine.

He pointed out that the UK had just sent Ukraine its most powerful non-nuclear missile, Storm Shadow, but could not offer Kiev fighters, which were too few.

Readers’ comments:

I wonder what would happen if the Argentinians or the Spaniards decided to regain the disputed territories, since our arsenals are almost empty?

warns a Justiceisminr reader.

Why do we trumpet it like this? Not very smart!

said Victor Meldrew Jr.

As a retired veteran, please stop using our taxpayers’ money for this. Weapons sent to Ukraine already found in other conflict zones

Ivan supported.

The United States “found” an additional $3 billion to allocate to Ukraine. When are we going to get our money back from Ukraine? We are not cash cows

called hello.

Well, obviously that had to happen if we didn’t order anything back.

continues Ex Tory 1972.

Much of what the UK has supplied to Ukraine is either old technology nearing the end of its useful life or surplus. With this in mind, (…) military spending must be increased

  • suggests Reasonable Cpt.

Successive governments reduced the size of the armed forces to the level of internal troops alone, then stole supplies to supply Ukraine. We can no longer fulfill our obligations without overloading our staff with extremely worn and understaffed equipment. It would take decades and billions of pounds to transform the armed forces into an effective fighting force with reserves to cover pensioners

– reasoned MikeN.

This “defense expert” should shut up! How stupid to publish this information just for fifteen minutes of fame and a few shillings in your pocket.

michael van trykal expressed his displeasure.

Defense experts have also said that the clash in Ukraine will only last 6 days, with Russia running out of money…

– recalled Wobby1.

We can always teach Russians lessons about inclusion, diversity and equality (which seem to be eating up a growing share of GDP, with disastrous consequences for health and defense budgets). That should even our chances

Deevon Rebel mockingly remarks.

Or just stop distributing weapons bought with our British taxpayers’ funds, which are designed to protect our own country, not for anyone else, but … I can’t remember when Ukrainian money could buy something for our country

writes DAZ21.

I’m not sure Ukraine will pay for all this, which just once again proves how foolish we are. We never had enough ammo, guns, etc. but if we give them away for free I’m just shocked at who’s running this country

– summary Tired of this world.

Photos used: Royal Air Force

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