CNBC Stock World Cup 2022: Winners and losers

From Apple to Tencent, LVMH to BHP, Naspers to Netflix.

As we head into the World Cup season, “Street Signs Asia” will be taking a look at some of the world’s biggest companies and pitting them against each other for the inaugural CNBC Stock World Cup 2022.

Starting with the initial stages on Nov. 7, we’ll ask experts from across the globe to rate each match-up based on one key question: If you invest today, which of the two companies going head to head will give you a greater total return over the next 12 months?

Thirty-two companies. One final champion.

Round of 16:
SoftBank vs. BHP — SoftBank wins
Nintendo vs. Visa — Nintendo wins
Google vs. Disney — Disney wins
Berkshire Hathaway vs. Walmart — Berkshire Hathaway wins
JPMorgan vs. Apple — JPMorgan wins

Round of 32:
Berkshire Hathaway vs. Reliance Industries — Berkshire Hathaway wins
Meta vs. Nintendo — Nintendo wins | Walmart vs. Home Depot — Walmart wins
Nvidia vs. TSMC — TSMC wins
Toyota vs. Tesla — Tesla wins | Tencent vs. Google — Google wins
Alibaba vs. Amazon — Alibaba wins | Coca-Cola vs. LVMH — LVMH wins
Exxon vs. Aramco — Exxon wins | Vale vs. BHP — BHP wins
United Healthcare vs. Johnson & Johnson – United Healthcare wins | Disney vs. Netflix — Disney wins
Apple vs. Samsung — Apple wins | JPMorgan vs. Bank of America — JPMorgan wins
Microsoft vs. Visa — Visa wins | Naspers vs. Softbank — Softbank wins

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