Amid great international support… What can the UAE offer in ‘Cop 28’?

This comes at a time when diplomats and experts in the field of climate action have expressed the United Arab Emirates’ support for the organization of “Cop 28”, in response to voices which have tried to disrupt the next edition of the largest climate event in the world.

The UAE has chosen Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, CEO of ADNOC, to chair the twenty-eighth session of the Climate Conference of the Parties (COP28).

Accelerated steps

In an interview with Sky News Arabia, Paul Sullivan, a leading economic analyst and non-resident researcher at the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center, opined that “the United Arab Emirates is taking many accelerated steps on climate action. and the fight against climate change”. crisis of change.”

Sullivan stressed that these efforts are “not new, but for many years,” highlighting a number of points regarding the UAE’s role in hosting the Climate Summit later this year, saying :

“The UAE is a developed country, especially on climate and energy issues, and they are looking to achieve the goals quickly.” “Al-Jaber has worked on energy and environmental issues, he is a true professional and he also has excellent staff to brief him on the situation when needed.” “The UAE has a long history of working on renewable energy and climate issues, and it’s not new to them, as they have a proven track record in hosting international meetings.” “I hope the UAE’s greatest hopes are to reach implementable solutions and agreements at the next climate summit, but the nature of climate conferences and discussions does not make that easy.” “We need to focus on an agreement between the main countries that caused the emissions crisis, before moving on to agreements with others.” “I’m sure UAE officials are aware of the structural problems with the COP decisions, but they are looking to address them.”

US Special Envoy for Climate Affairs John Kerry hailed Al-Jaber’s selection as COP 28 President, describing him as a “good choice”.

City of London Mayor Nicholas Lyons said he thought COP28 “would be a fantastic edition”, praising the incredibly methodical way in which the United Arab Emirates traveled to host the event.

A boost for climate action

In the same context, Italian strategic adviser Daniele Rovinetti told Sky News Arabia that the organization of the climate summit “reflects two types of interests and activities that the UAE has in the climate change file”.


“First: From a technical point of view, Abu Dhabi has the technical expertise, the economic capacity and the political will to become a leader in the energy transition. It can also play an important role in the development of clean energies, such as green hydrogen, for example.” “Secondly, the issue has political dimensions, with the UAE asserting its independent position in international affairs, and the ability to do so through the climate conference stakes. Abu Dhabi can also achieve a twofold level of gains .” “The climate summit reinforces the position of the United Arab Emirates and the centrality of its role, which puts them in a good place on the world stage.”

A leading international role

As US expert on international business and strategy, Irina Zuckerman, told Sky News Arabia, “The UAE’s hosting of the conference inspires them to play a major international role in one of the most important global problems and the main priorities for many countries at the present time.”

Tuskerman stressed that the climate summit “will allow the UAE to show its special capabilities and commitments to work and participate, and to build new advanced regional and international alliances based on this issue.”

The American expert believed that the United Arab Emirates can provide a strong impetus for climate action through a number of axes, including:

“The UAE has the opportunity to be a bridge between the countries formerly known as the ‘Global South’ and the West, and also emphasizes integration in the Middle East and a role leadership in global energy, climate and economic issues”. “The climate conference brings together 3 main concerns of the global community, which are environmental impact, energy security and economic impact on various segments of the population.” “The UAE has the credibility to address the complexity of these discussions, especially with Al Jaber, who has extensive energy experience and can work to bring together diverse energy leaders to work together, for a successful transition to renewable energy.”

new model

On the other hand, the former Indian ambassador to the United Arab Emirates and colleague of the Observer Research Foundation, Navdeep Singh Suri, criticized the opposition of some Western voices to the measures taken by the country in full preparation for the reception of the climate summit.

“The condescending ‘we know what’s best for you’ approach lingers in the scattered parts of the West,” he said.

The former Indian diplomat said in an article published by ‘The National’ newspaper, that “the United Arab Emirates has shown that it can use its oil wealth to create a new model, which is (an oil-rich country that hosts the International Renewable Energy Agency), and built the first nuclear power plant in the Middle East, and created an organization such as (Masdar) to invest in renewable energy projects in 40 countries.

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