Alex Jones trial – latest: Infowars host expected to testify on Sandy Hook hoax after setback in bankruptcy case

Jury shown video of Alex Jones mocking Sandy Hook parents

The second defamation trial of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones continues in Connecticut as the conspiracy theorist faces the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that he claimed was a hoax in broadcasts to his millions of viewers.

Jones appeared outside the courthouse on Tuesday morning and in brief statements to reporters called Judge Barbara Bellis “a tyrant”. He did the same on Wednesday lunchtime, ranting about the media’s portrayal of developments in his company’s bankruptcy trial.

He is now expected to testify on Thursday. In earlier testimony, the jury was shown how Jones’s audience grew exponentially following the tragedy and company revenues increased dramatically.

Multiple videos have been shown of Jones’s egregious claims about the shooting, including when he mocked the parents of victims as “crisis actors” and displayed completely false information about the events of the day.

Jurors will decide how much he should pay relatives of eight victims and the FBI agent who responded to the scene of the 2012 massacre.


Infowars lawyer: Bitcoin donations to Infowars go to Alex Jones

On day two day of the second Sandy Hook defamation trial against conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, a corporate representative for his company testified that cryptocurrency donations solicited during his show go directly to Mr Jones personally.


‘There were false statements’ on Sandy Hook, says Infowars lawyer

A lawyer for conspiracy theorist Alex Jones‘ Infowars empire acknowledged on the witness stand Wednesday that the show and website spread falsehoods about the Sandy Hook school shooting.

“I don’t think that we disagree that there were false statements made,” Brittany Paz testified at a civil trial involving Jones’ claims that the nation’s deadliest school shooting was a hoax concocted as a pretext to tighten gun regulations.


Jones’s audience grew exponentially after Sandy Hook massacre, rep says

A representative for Free Speech Systems, the parent company of InfoWars, told a courtroom that Alex Jones’s audience grew “exponentially” after the Sandy Hook massacre.

The right-wing conspiracy theorist is facing trial in his second defamation case brought by the family of a victim for his claims that the elementary school shooting was a “hoax.”

Brittany Paz testified that the growth seen since 2012 has led to “billions” of social media impressions, coinciding with the date of the shooting.


InfoWars founder Alex Jones speaks to the media outside Waterbury Superior Court during his defamation trial in Connecticut

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Sandy Hook trial judge jokes she’ll ‘call in sick’ when Infowars host testifies

The judge in Alex Jones’s Sandy Hook defamation trial has joked that she’s going to “call in sick” when the far-right conspiracy theorist takes the stand.

The hilarious exchange unfolded in a court in Connecticut on Wednesday during a sidebar between Judge Barbara Bellis and Mr Jones’s attorney Norm Pattis.

Rachel Sharp has the story.


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Johnny Depp’s lawyer weighs in on Alex Jones’s latest Sandy Hook defamation trial

Johnny Depp’s attorney has weighed in on Alex Jones’s latest defamation trial over the Sandy Hook massacre, saying that “lies are not protected” by the First Amendment.

Benjamin Chew appeared on Law & Crime on Tuesday to speak about the case currently playing out in a courtroom in Connecticut, where jurors will decide how much in damages the far-right conspiracy theorist must pay to families of victims of the 2012 mass shooting.

Mr Chew, who was one of the lead members of Mr Depp’s legal team during his successful defamation case against Amber Heard, pointed out that the courtroom is “a very different environment” to the extremist’s conspiracy show Infowars when it comes to being able to spread “heinous lies”.


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ICYMI: Witness questioned about Jones criticism of Sandy Hook trial

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who is on trial in Connecticut for calling the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre a hoax, continued Friday to describe the proceedings as a “kangaroo court” from his Infowars studio in Texas.

Jones’ commentary became a focus of testimony on the fourth day of the trial, with a lawyer for the Sandy Hook families questioning a corporate representative for Jones’ Infowars brand about how seriously the company was taking the trial.


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