8/28/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, August 27, 2023
2. Entering the age of artificial truth
3. War, Ukraine and Adaptation
4. ‘Quit being a little girl’: What report reveals about women in Army special operation forces
5. UN experts say Islamic State group almost doubled the territory they control in Mali in under a year
6. Ukraine used 3% of US defense budget to destroy half of Russian army — Lindsey Graham
7. Ukraine says it liberates strategic southeastern settlement
8. China says its ban on Japanese seafood is about safety. Is it really?
9. A.I. Brings the Robot Wingman to Aerial Combat
10. The Cheap Radio Hack That Disrupted Poland’s Railway System
11. A Global Cyber-Scam Industry Is Booming in Plain Sight in Cambodia
12. China Ponders Russia’s Logistical Challenges in the Ukraine War
13. America’s Military-Industrial Base Needs a Revival
14. The Future of Algorithmic Warfare Part III: Stagnation
15. What Does Victory Look Like for Ukraine?
16. Chinese Political Warfare: A Strategic Tautology? The Three Warfares and the Centrality of Political Warfare within Chinese Strategy
17. Attacking foreign corruption blunts China’s malign economic influence
18. Opinion: Is Russia Now Weaponizing Music?
19. SOCOM Needs New Tech Old Approaches Vice Commander Says
20. Too Many Managers, Too Few Providers? Watchdog Tells Defense Health Agency to Reexamine Its Market Structure
21. China’s Road to Ruin
22. US Army Engulfed In Crisis; American Youth Disillusioned With Military Service, Recruitment Goals Falter

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea apparently reopens its border due to economic difficulties: Seoul
2. 1st radiation test on waters since Fukushima release shows contamination levels below WHO standards
3. [NEWS ANALYSIS] Korea Inc. exiting China over weak demand, festering tensions
4. North Korea’s Lazarus Group hits organizations with two new RATs
5. N. Korea criticizes European countries for sending F-16 jets to Ukraine
6. Yoon’s approval inches up to 37.6 pct
7. South Korean memorial to draw Chinese tourists sparks controversy for lionising Korean-born composer of PLA anthem
8. Allied field exercises begin as civil defense drills end
9. Ideological dispute over historical figures engulfs Korean politics
10. Camp David summit and message to skeptics
11. Land minister to visit Ukraine next month seeking post-war reconstruction deals
12. North Korea’s borders are creaking open
13. Online vendors sued over Kim Jong-un T-shirts
14. Govt. considers relocating bust of independence fighter from defense ministry

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