8/27/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, August 26, 2023
2. China’s Navy ‘Might’ Have Lost A Submarine Crew In a Truly Horrific Way: No Air?
3. How a whistleblower says Booz Allen Hamilton defrauded the government
4. How Russia’s War in Ukraine Could ‘Collapse’
5. Time and Logistics are Working Against Ukraine
6. Ukraine — Victory Is Closer Than You Think
7. Why Tribalism Took Over Our Politics
8. ‘Unexpected Hit’: Russia’s ‘Special Military Operation’ in Ukraine Has a New Problem
9. Our military is being held as political hostages
10. What Does Victory Look Like for Ukraine?
11. UPDATED: 3 U.S. Marines Killed in Australian MV-22 Crash
12. Hollywood Rewrites History Again: What the Oppenheimer Deification Movie Didn’t Tell You
13. Poland investigates cyber-attack on rail network
14. Ukraine-Russia War: The Changing Trends In Modern Warfare
15. Taiwan Cannot Win if the U.S. Does Not Help Strengthen Taipei’s Will to Fight
16. How revisiting naval aviation’s lessons can (and cannot) inform military AI innovation
17. Fox News apologizes to Gold Star family after facing backlash over false story
18. Communist Party Priorities Complicate Plans to Revive China’s Economy
19. Russia confirms Wagner chief Prigozhin’s death after DNA tests
20. U.S. Joint Chiefs’ Gen. Milley cites Ukrainian counteroffensive ‘breakthrough’
21. The 6 Kinds of Republican Voters
22. Opinion  Is fixing democracy partisan? Here are answers to this and more questions.
23. Read Sacha Baron Cohen’s Speech on Standing Against Hate
24. Landmines Threaten Agriculture In Ukraine And Azerbaijan but, Innovative Solutions Are On The Way

Korean News Content:

1. N.K. allows citizens abroad to return in official reopening of border following pandemic closure
2. Thousands rally in Seoul to protest Fukushima wastewater release
3. S. Korean, US navy special ops engage in combined drills
4. Worsening food shortage forces Pyongyang to reopen borders
5. East Asia’s ‘seismic shift’: why China sees the Camp David summit as the start of a de facto military alliance
6. S. Korean experts depart for Japan to monitor Fukushima water release
7. Yoon faces mounting protests as Japan releases Fukushima water
8. Yoon’s broadcasting czar
9. ‘Barbie’ and Korean patriarchy
10. Why Japan is seeking to boost regional deterrence with the US and South Korea

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