8/26/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, August 25, 2023
2. China sends aircraft and vessels toward Taiwan days after U.S. approves $500-million arms sale
3. U.S. denies reports claiming it considered canceling F-16 sale to Taiwan
4. Newly declassified US intel claims Russia is laundering propaganda through unwitting Westerners
5. China’s Problems Are Real
6. Mystery land buyers around California Air Force base revealed
7. Pacific islands warn US over Chinese threat and urge Biden to increase aid
8. The US needs a stable Chinese economy. Will Biden’s commerce secretary offer help?
9. Analysis | Without Prigozhin, expect some changes around the edges on Russian influence operations
10. Building a digital army: UN peacekeepers fight deadly disinformation
11. UN advisor says AI may have ‘massive’ impact on voters: 2024 will be the ‘deepfake election’
12. Are Your Ads Funding Disinformation?
13. What China’s Economic Woes May Mean for the U.S.
14.  Ukraine Is Still Grappling With the Battlefield Prigozhin Left Behind
15. How a small-town feud in Kansas sent a shock through American journalism
16. Pentagon protested false Fox News report about fallen Marine, emails show
17. China Proposes Permanent, Unique ID for Everyone in the Metaverse
18. With Prigozhin Presumed Dead, What Happens to the Wagner Group Now?
19. Women in SOF resort to buying their own armor and equipment – SOAA
20. Following Elon Musk’s lead, Big Tech is surrendering to disinformation
21. Ukraine Doesn’t Need Armchair Generals
22. John McCain’s warning of the authoritarian threat should be heeded
23.  China Wants to Run Your Internet
24. Royal Thai Army, US Soldiers Participate in Historic All-Female Airborne Course

Korean News Content:

1. Yoon warns North in visit to USFK wartime bunker
2. Security Agreement Could Prompt Chinese Retaliation Against S. Korea
3. Does South Korea need 24 airports?
4. Another N. Korean airliner arrives in Beijing following resumption of Pyongyang-Beijing air route
5. N. Korean plane arrives in Vladivostok for 1st time in over 3 years: report
6. Cyber scams keep North Korean missiles flying
7. South Korean Leader, a Biden Friend, Faces Challenge Over Japan’s Radioactive Water
8. U.S. reaffirms support for Japan’s release of treated water
9. U.S. calls for UNSC action against N. Korean satellite launch, says China, Russia’s opposition is ‘troubling’
10. How safe is wastewater discharged from Fukushima?
11. US Accuses Russia, China of Covering for North Korea at UN
12. ‘This is what we signed up to do’: Troops sharpen urban combat skills near North Korea

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