5/30/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

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National Security News Content:

1. Biden, Austin Laud Fallen Service Members in Memorial Day Address
2. Remarks by President Biden at the 155th National Memorial Day Observance
3. Remarks by Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III at the National Memorial Day Observance at Arlington National Cemetery (As Delivered)
4. China Rebuffs Pentagon Chief, Blunting Push for Rapprochement
5. Russia says drones damage Moscow buildings in pre-dawn attack, blames Ukraine
6. An Unconventional Warfare Mindset: The Philosophy of Special Forces Must be Sustained
7. Crucial days ahead as debt ceiling deal goes for vote and Biden calls lawmakers for support
8. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, May 29, 2023
9. This drone-on-drone dogfight in Ukraine is a glimpse of the future of war
10. NATO soldiers injured in Kosovo clashes with Serb protesters
11. China’s three ‘grey rhinos’ – demographic crisis, debt and decoupling – are growing, threatening economic growth
12. How Worried Should the World Be of China’s New COVID Wave?
13. ‘Adversarial AI’ a threat to military systems, Shift5′s Lospinoso says
14. Russian Volunteer Corps says its fighters crossed into Russia again
15. The next Chinese tech threat is already here
16. The Myth of Western Decline
17. DOD sends new cyber strategy to Congress, releases unclassified fact sheet
18. Fact Sheet: 2023 DoD Cyber Strategy
19. Putin’s mini-Nato is falling apart
20. How to Avoid War with China
21. AI Threat Is on Par With Pandemics, Nuclear War, Tech Executives Warn
22. China and the Alliance Allergy of Rising Powers
23. OSS Agents in Repose, After the Guns Fell Silent

Korean News Content:

1. KUSAF and KDVA Joint Message for “U.S.-ROK Alliance Memorial Week 2023”
2. USFK commander dismisses concerns over US commitment to defend S. Korea
3. Opinion | Why North Korea’s Princess Will Never Wear the Crown
4. Japan issues destruction order after North Korea announces ‘satellite’ launch window
5. N. Korea notifies IMO of 1st military spy satellite launch plan
6. N. Korean satellite launch would violate U.N. sanctions: State Dept.
7. S. Korea, France sign arrangement on military space partnership
8. Members of anti-proliferation initiative agree to step up cooperation against changing security environment
9. N. Korea announces ‘ICBM show’ disguised as a satellite
10. <Investigation Inside N. Korea>Famine in the provinces : “Many people have died from the start of May due to starvation and disease…”
11. The annual “barley hump” set to hit some parts of North Korea particularly hard
12. Pyongyang may have delayed spy satellite launch due to technical issues
13. N. Korean official sentenced to life for human trafficking across border
14. Yoon urges closer cooperation to block North’s illegal funding

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