5/25/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

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National Security News Content:

1. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, May 24, 2023
2. The Kremlin’s Pyrrhic Victory in Bakhmut: A Retrospective on the Battle for Bakhmut
3. Marine Corps No More? By Bing West
4. NATO’s Future Depends On Who Wins In Ukraine
5. U.S. distances itself from raid into Russia that involved American military vehicles
6. A Surplus of Strategists—But A Lack of Good Strategy
7. What Should a Strategist Know and Do, and Why
8. Glorious Amateurs: The Legendary OSS of World War II
9. America and the Philippines Update Defense Guidelines
10. Berger: ‘Time to look’ at changing combatant command structure
11. JOHN BOLTON: The G-7 Shows It Still Doesn’t Understand the China Threat
12. If America Defaults ‘No Corner of the Global Economy Will Be Spared’
13. 4 Ways U.S. Support for Ukraine Helps Defend Taiwan
14. ASEAN and the Quad Inch Closer Together
15. 160 Senior Military Signed DEI Letter To Congress
16. Milley’s team readying analysis for establishing new ‘Joint Futures’ organization for DOD
17. US Remains Under ‘Heightened Threat’ Alert Over Domestic and Foreign Terror Concerns
18. The Plot Against Russia
19. Okinawans March for Peace as Japan Beefs Up US Military Alliance
20. Japan Ground Self-Defense Force to Provide Ukraine With 100 Transport Vehicles
21. US-China trade war as mutually assured destruction
22. Philippines-Vietnam teaming up on China in South China Sea
23. China Committee wants Congress to establish a Taiwan weapons stockpile
24. Why the military moves faster than government on AI
25. U.S. says Chinese hackers breached gear in Guam, key to Pacific defense

Korean News Content:

1. S. Korea to launch space rocket Nuri following delay
2. Pyongyang denounces sharing of N. Korea’s missile data among S. Korea, U.S., Japan
3. S. Korea approves plan to mass-produce more K2 main battle tanks
4. Ammunition aid to Ukraine will be considered after reviewing situation on ground: security adviser
5. US expert calls for radical shift in strategy to rid Pyongyang of nuclear arms
6. Korean Space Rocket Rescheduled for Thursday
7. N. Korea curtails early morning commerce in Pyongyang and other major cities
8. N. Korea cracks down on mobilization shirkers to increase labor at farms
9. Global Slavery Index 2023: N. Korea has the globe’s highest prevalence of modern slavery
10. U.S. Congress pressures S. Korea to join chip alliance
11. South Korea, U.S. conduct large-scale artillery exercise
12. Defense Ministry claims ‘inaccuracies’ in report on military aid to Ukraine
13. Korea launches space rocket Nuri following delay
14. Kim Jong-un might not have son

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