3/19/23 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

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National Security News Content:

1. The U.S. Joint Chiefs New Strategy Paper on Joint Concept for Competing | CSIS
2. A Four-Decade Secret: One Man’s Story of Sabotaging Carter’s Re-election
3. How a Problem-Solving Course Could Help Rebuild Trust in the US Military
4. Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, March 18, 2023
5. Russian President Putin visits occupied city of Mariupol
6. Higher cancer rates found in military pilots, ground crews
7. Special Operations Forces Carry Out New Initiative with US Ambassador to Panama
8. Bank fail: How rising interest rates paved the way for Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse
9. Can war games really help us predict who will win a conflict?
10. U.S. Seeks to Head Off Any Chinese Call for Cease-Fire in Ukraine
11. The Lessons Not Learned From Iraq
12. In the U.S.-Led Iraq War, Iran Was the Big Winner
13. Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) History Brief
14. Opinion | America’s foreign policy has lost all flexibility
15. This Marine vet created a wargame for enlisted leaders
16. Opinion: ICC arrest warrant for Putin is a stunning statement
17. Taiwan charges two former state officials with violating national security law by spying for China
18. Ukraine says SBU “white wolves” destroyed 10 Russian tanks in one night
19. Vultures at the gate: The national security risk of Silicon Valley Bank’s failure
20. What is ‘deep sensing’ and why is the US Army so focused on it?
21. U.S. ran secret probe into China’s operations in Canada, new book alleges
22. Venture capital gives America a strategic edge in the age of technology wars
23. 3 takeaways 20 years after the invasion of Iraq

Korean News Content:

1. KDVA and KUSAF Joint Message Supporting GSOMIA
2. LINK ‘north Korea: the Neglected Security Challenge’ with COL Dave Maxwell, USA retired  hosted by Dr. Cynthia Watson
3. North Korean Defectors Put Spotlight on Rights Abuses            
4. North Korea launches missile into sea amid US-SKorea drills
5. North Korean defectors honor Otto Warmbier, Kim Jong Un’s victims

6. To Combat Food Shortages, North Korea Deploys the Military
7. Schoolchildren in DPRK Start Journey for Learning Revolutionary History
8. March 18 Revolution
9. Press Statement of Director General for Int’l Organizations of DPRK Foreign Ministry Issued
10. North Korea Fires Off a Short-Range Ballistic Missile
11. U.S. B-1B strategic bomber returns to S. Korea as N.K. fires missile
12. Denuclearization – Quo Vadis?
13. President Yoon’s bold diplomacy for the future

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