11/24/22 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

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National Security News Content:

1. Stories of Ukrainian resistance revealed after Kherson pullout 
2. Defense Primer: Special Operations Forces (CRS)

3. The Evacuation of the CIA’s Afghan Proxies Has Opened One of the War’s Blackest Boxes

4. Kyiv Post Morning Memo – Everything You Need to Know on Thursday, Nov. 24 – Kyiv Post – Ukraine’s Global Voice

5. Behind enemy lines, Ukrainian partisans played a key role in the battle for Kherson

6. Ukraine Has a Secret Resistance Operating Behind Russian Lines

7. Ukraine is attempting to retake a crucial spit of land that could disrupt Russia’s missile barrages

8. Meta claims US military link to online propaganda campaign

9. Leonid Gozman: How Exactly Could the Putin Regime Collapse?

10. Learning to Forget Lessons from Counterinsurgency

11. There is no panacea, competition with China occurs in peace and war

12. UN Counterterrorism and Technology: What Role for Human Rights in Security?

13. Ukraine war: after recapture of Kherson the conflict is poised at the gates of Crimea

14. China’s gold stockpiling is dollar warning sign

15. U.S. Needs to Demonstrate Ability to Assist Taiwan, Congressman Says

16. Older than the pyramids: probe launched after mainland official claims Chinese civilisation is older than ancient Egypt

17. The US should help Iran’s opposition topple the regime -opinion

18. Anti-hijab protests in Iran: Symptom of a deeper restlessness among the youth

19. How a single ship made Thanksgiving happen in Europe at the height of WWII


21. Increased Devotion  THE 1776 SERIES

Korean News Content:

1. Press Statement of Kim Yo Jong, Vice Department Director of C.C., WPK
2. North Korea’s Next Nuclear Test Is A Matter of ‘When,’ Not ‘If’

3. Kim Jong-un’s Daughter and the ICBM

4. N. Korean leader’s sister lambasts Yoon Suk-yeol gov’t over talk of sanctions on Pyongyang

5. S. Korea’s unification ministry expresses strong regret over ‘deplorable’ statement by N. Korean leader’s sister

6.  (Yonhap Interview) Ukraine vice speaker says N. Korean role in war with Russia can’t be ruled out

7. Yongsan Locals Complain About Constant Protests

8. Drills aren’t driving North’s missile tests, says defense minister

9. Pyongyang cuts Jungkook’s song at World Cup opening

10. North Korea tries to sow seeds of doubt on US extended deterrence

11. Symbolism or succession clues? Debut of Kim Jong-un’s daughter sparks speculation over North Korea’s future

12.  North Korea are streaming the World Cup – despite ‘not buying rights’

13. N. Korea may be producing munitions for export to Russia

14. North Korea imports Russian food and petroleum products by train

15. Human Rights Watch publishes analysis on N. Korea’s border blockade

16. The US wants China to curb North Korea. But can it? And would Beijing even want to?

17.  North Korea: a female heir to Kim’s throne?

18, Legitimizing North Korean Hereditary Succession Harms the Korean People

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