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  • 09


    Jiangdong Charity Federation Fulida Charity Fund Distribution Ceremony was held

    On the evening of December 6, Charity Federation Fulida Charity Fund Distribution Ceremony and Charity Art Troupe Tour were held in Yipeng On the eveni...

  • 24


    Fulida Gained The Right of Speech Of The Industry

    Yesterday, national textile fabric museum of textile appearance quality inspection business unit and Fulida products inspection center held the opening...

  • 02


    Fulida was among Top 500 China’s Private Enterprises in 2016

    Recently, the news conference of China's top 500 private enterprises in 2016, hosted by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, supported...

  • 26


    Dajiangdong 23 companies were selected as the city's first batch of provincial sc...

    Recently, reporters learned from the Economic Development Bureau, 2016 Hangzhou’s first batch of scientific and technological enterprises in Zhejiang P...

  • 08


    Foreign Students Visited to Study from Fulida Group

    On April 6, a number of special foreigner visited Fulida Group. In the afternoon, altogether 27 "students from the training class of textile produ...

  • 23


    11 Xiaoshan Enterprises Passed the "Provincial Test" into a Credit Management Mod...

    Recently, Zhejiang Province Enterprise Credit Promotion Association announced the 2015 "Zhejiang Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise" ...